63Buffet Pavilion NO.1 Premium Buffet

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  • Reservation82.2.789.5731~4
  • Check the table below for daily schedules
  • No of SetsHall 220 seats, PDR Six Rooms
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 01
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 02
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 03
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 04
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 05
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 06
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 07
  • 63Buffet Pavilion 08
Korea's No. 1 Premium Buffet with More Than 200 Dishes from around the World
A Premium Buffet boasting Evoluto service and live menus from each kitchen that are of fine dining standards
The main concept of the newly renovated 63 Buffet Pavilion is a ‘Restaurant In Buffet’ that offers menus and services that equal the standards of exclusive restaurants as well as three sub-concepts that include Kitchen In Buffet, Café In Buffet, and Shop In Buffet.
  • Wide Selection of Premium Dishes

    Wide Selection of Premium Dishes

    Kitchen In Buffet
    Transcending the primary meaning of a space where food is prepared, our ‘Kitchens’ are exclusive affairs that offer competitive and differentiated signature menus
  • Large Room for Special Occasions

    Large Room for Special Occasions

    Café In Buffet
    A café corner where guests may enjoy the flavors and aromas of an exclusive café with beverage items that are personally prepared by baristas and other drink specialists
  • Promotional Events All Season Long

    Promotional Events All Season Long

    Shop In Buffet
    A retail shop that displays and sells the high-quality food ingredients used in the Pavilion as well as the Pavilion’s desserts and other menus that can be taken out


63 Buffet Pavilion
Type Adult (age 14 and older) Child (age 8 ~ 13) Child (age 4 ~ 7)
Weekdays Lunch KRW 110,000 KRW 58,000 KRW 33,000
Weekdays Dinner,
Weekends / Holidays Lunch & Dinner
KRW 130,000 KRW 65,000 KRW 38,000
  • * We offer 20% discount for men of national merit, handicapped persons and senior citizens (aged 70 or older)
    during weekdays lunch except for weekdays dinner/weekends/holidays and during the month of December.
  • * inclusive of tax and service charge.
  • * Weekdays : Monday ~ Friday, Weekend : Saturday ~ Sunday and National Holidays
  • * The price is subject to change on December 24 ~ 25.


Buffet Pavilion 63 hours
Type Weekdays (Monday ~ Friday) Weekends & Holidays
Lunch 12:00 ~ 15:00 [1st Part] 11:00 ~ 13:00
[2nd Part] 13:30 ~ 15:30
Dinner 18:00 ~ 21:00 [1st Part] 17:00 ~ 19:00
[2nd Part] 19:30 ~ 21:30
  • * The dinner times on weekdays in December will be notified separately.

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